Your game

Increased Concentration

& Playtime!

  • Increase your concentration
  • Never more inaktive
  • Activate your legs
  • No noice
  • Better posture
  • train your muscles

That you can tilt your feet and move your legs freely, dynamically, relieves body turmoil, sleeping legs and feet, raised legs and feet. The movement can also create more energy during and after use, as well as increase concentration.

You can also keep the foot swing static. It will stay under your feet in any position, giving you the weird feeling of having firm ground under your feet.

  • Highly recommended to everyone

Want to be more sharp during the game? Achieve longer playing time and be more healthy after the game.

  • Move your body as you play

Moving your body helps everyone with back and back pain, body and leg pain, sleeping legs and feet, raised legs and feet.While you play

  • Avoid damage

Avoid the damage that long-term sedentary gaming can cause. Use Swnx preventively.

Reference: Als Kiropraktor Center, ascentfys.dk,Sønderborg Esport, Als Esport og Team Nova

One size

that fits all

Swnx eSport comes in a beautiful Danish design. With its black matte lacquer, it is perfect under your gamer table. The footplate is made of sustainable furniture wood. The foot swing is of high quality, invented and produced in Denmark.


by professionals

Both physical and occupational therapists recommend the use of Swnx to stimulate the proprioceptive sense (posture and movement sense), maintain postural tone, arousal and attention.



The footrest Swnx is easily mounted under the table with a bracket. This means that it is personal and does not disappear from its user. Floating the foot swing over the floor facilitates cleaning.