Minimize Unrest in the Kindergarten

A kindergarten is a ‘magical’ place where our children can play and be creative. Both on the playground equipment, where they develop motorically, as well as on the floor or at the table, where their creative sense is challenged and their imagination is used. However, it can be problematic in situations where a calmer body condition and patience are required on the part of the child. For example, when eating, learning, making pearl plates, puzzles or at gatherings. Here, many children find it difficult to find peace, especially after several hours of play and creativity, which can mean that they limit themselves, as well as disturb the other children around them. The foot swing SWNX mini, is made especially for children from 2 to 7 years and their furniture. With the SWNX mini, motor-troubled children can get rid of their movement cravings in an appropriate way. At that age, children cannot reach the floor when sitting on their tables. It can also cause the child to be uneasy and have difficulty focusing and learning. The SWNX mini allows children to have contact with a surface at all times, this is what we call grounding.

swnx provides tranquility in the body

“After using the SWNX mini in my work, I can see how it can help children find peace in situations where they have otherwise found it difficult to be present due to motor unrest. SWNX provides the opportunity for children to meet the need for motor movement, even in activities where the situation requires the child to sit still. Some children may have sensory difficulties that may result in motor disorder. This is to the detriment of the child himself and others in the room. Here I see that SWNX can help create the stimuli the child may need in the situation. “

Ergoterapeut Julie Lerche-Thomsen


Children have already
benefited from SWNX

SWNX mini

What can the foot swing SWNX do?
    • Allows the movement-happy children to move in situations where the body should otherwise sit still.
    • Suppresses anxiety and hyperactivity, and allows the child to keep up with sedentary activities.
    • Minimizes the disturbance for the other children.
    • Increases concentration and learning, and allows the child to develop control and patience.

One Size

That fits all

The Swnx mini comes in a size that fits most nursery tables. Brackets and screws are included. The board is made of sustainable furniture wood. The foot swing is of high quality, which ensures many years of use. Practically sound absorbing material has been used to reduce environmental disturbances.


By professionals

Both physical and occupational therapists recommend the use of Swnx to stimulate the proprioceptive sense (posture and movement sense), maintain postural tone, arousal and attention.

Reference: Als Kiropraktor Center og ascentfys.dk.



The footrest Swnx is easily mounted under the table with a bracket. This means that it is personal and does not disappear from its user. Floating the foot swing over the floor facilitates cleaning.