Physiotherapists say that man is not made to sit perfectly still. We have to move. We like to move.

The foot swing Swnx allows children to move their legs freely without noise and without bothering others. When using Swnx, anxiety and hyperactivity are attenuated. The concentration increases and thus better learning is achieved.



The foot swing Swnx is a unique product that increases the concentration of movinghappy children. Swnx allows children to move in class-hours, without bothering the class and classmates.

All people need to move, some more than others. Our experience with Swnx is that it extends concentration, not only for children who are excessive with movement, but also for children who are very passive – children who almost fall asleep in education.

Hannah Harboe

Physiotherapist Hannah Harboe, who from her clinic “Children’s Physics” in Copenhagen has 20 years of experience working with motor skills and learning, not least for children with special challenges, states:

“SWNX is a tool that one wonders was not invented long ago. I think it can help teachers, educators, parents and their environment to better accommodate children who have difficulty sitting still. From the tests I have seen, it also indicates that the children themselves are happy and relieved to be able to sit and concentrate while moving the lower body.

It is, in all its simplicity, a smart invention. “


Children have already
benefited from SWNX

SWNX School

What can SWNX do for the child?
It gives children with wild, excessive and hyper movement tendencies, the option to move whilst sitting.
Attenuates unrest and hyperactivity
Minimizes class disruptions
Increases concentration and learning
Increases inclusion in class


One Size

That fits all

Swnx for school comes in a size to suit all ages. There are brackets and screws included. The board is made of sustainable furniture wood. The foot swing is of high quality, which ensures many years of use.


By professionals

Both physical and occupational therapists recommend the use of Swnx to stimulate the proprioceptive sense (posture and movement sense), maintain postural tone, arousal and attention.

Reference: Als Kiropraktor Center og ascentfys.dk.



The footrest Swnx is easily mounted under the table with a bracket. This means that it is personal and does not disappear from its user. Floating the foot swing over the floor facilitates cleaning.